Our Team

Kamil Czarnecki

Director / Game Designer / Programmer

As the backbone of Dreaming Giants, Kamil takes on multiple roles, from team leadership to game design and programming. He fuels our vision with his innovative ideas, setting the direction for our projects. With a deft blend of technical expertise and a passion for interactive storytelling, Kamil crafts unique gaming mechanics that immerse players in our fantastical worlds.

Daniel Poole

Co-Director / Producer / Composer / SFX

Daniel's multifaceted talent adds depth to our projects. As the Producer, he orchestrates the flow of creation, managing tasks and schedules with skill. His past experience with indie studios enhances his understanding of the production process, ensuring our team operates cohesively. Beyond production, Daniel also breathes life into our games through captivating soundscapes and resonant music, establishing a fully immersive auditory experience.

Petra Jelaca

Character Artist / Concept Artist

Petra is the artistic force behind our beloved characters. As a talented Concept and Character Artist, her work breathes life into our games. She possesses a remarkable talent for 2D art, and her character designs encapsulate our vision with vibrant detail and personality. Petra’s unique style helps shape the identity of our projects, establishing a captivating visual narrative that complements the gameplay.

Liam Wright

Prop and Building Artist / Art Generalist

Liam, our Prop and Building Artist, boasts extensive experience in 3D modelling. His expertise translates into meticulously crafted props and buildings that enrich our virtual worlds. Adept in general art as well, Liam’s ability to capture the fine details contributes significantly to our game's visual depth and immersive quality.

Krisztina Jozsa

Environment Artist / Art Generalist

With a keen eye for detail, Krisztina injects a fresh perspective into our team. As an Environment Artist and Art Generalist, she exhibits a strong talent for 3D art, crafting immersive environments that pull players into our gaming universe. Her enthusiasm for learning and evolving makes her a valuable asset to our team, promising an exciting future for Dreaming Giants.